Would You Like to Be a Departmental Writer on Our International Books?

Respected Scientist,

We are inviting you to write chapters on an international book that will be printed two times a year, in april and october periods. The texts will be on Educational Sciences, Life Sciences, Philology, Fine Arts, Law, Theology, Architecture Planning and Design, Engineering, Social, Human and Administrative Sciences, Sports Sciences, Agriculture, Forestry and Water Affairs.

The purpose of our project is to internationally publish the original work and collectings of researchers from Turkey and abroad and to present and promote their work to national and international scientific comunity. The publishments of our publishing house are distibuted to recognised national and university libraries all over the world to serve international scientific comunity.

You can check out our website to see the previous work and our recognition by international libraries and scientific establishments. Resulting works are published under following titles in the project according to ÜAK’s basic branches:



Each branch listed above will have different local and foreign editors and arbitration boards.

Regular editors of our publishing house working on the project:

Prof. Dr. Hasan BABACAN

Prof. Dr. Tanja SOLDATOVIĆ

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nihada DELOBEGOVIĆ DZANIĆ



Our boks will be published in different languages on each two periods (april and september)

In the first book, texts will be in Turkish, French, Arabic, Persian, Russian and German.

In the second book there will only be texts in English.



Articles are accepted only in languages listed above. No texts in any other language will be printed. A writer can send as many texts as they want. Number of writers can be more than one. Only one copy of the book will be handed free of charge for each article. No part of the chapters of the book can be published without referance, copied to information storage systems or republished without the publishing house’s permission. Copyright will not be payed for the published articles. For each chapter of the book, the writer is requested a fee for printing and publishing expenses. The fee will be stated by the publishing house. This fee will cover typesetting, cover design, printing, national and international distributions etc.. Stated fee for each chapter will be the same, regardless of the number or the title of the writers. Unpaid texts will not be published.



Our boks will be printed in two volumes in april and october.

Following dates are certain and cannot be postponed.



The deadline of articles for april period is March 15, printing date is April 15.

The deadline of articles for october period is September 1 ,printing date is October 15.


We look forward for your contributions and wish you success on your work.


Best regards,


Gece Kitaplığı Publishing


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