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Gece Kitaplığı Publishing was founded in the year 2008 to become a new breath, a new hope for the Turkish Literature. Ever since, hundreds of works have been published under our name; in Turkish and in other languages, by local and foreigner authors. The most important aim of Gece Kitaplığı is to support developing writers and to gain talented authors for the publishing life.

Gece Kitaplığı also attaches great importance to academic work. Therefore, masters and thesis works of many academicians were collected into books by our publishing house to meet their readers.

Our publishing house supports symposiums from all branches of science as parts of the academic life. By directly or indirectly supporting these national and international symposiums, we publish the proposed declarations and promote academic life.

All works handed to our publishing house are selectively criticized by our editors and reviewers.

The works published by us are distributed across the country’s important authorized university and private libraries directly or through distributive institutions. We also provide world-wide distribution to meet the international reader profile. Our publishing house holds ÜAK’s (Inter-Universities Board Presidency) title of “International Publishing House” due to these services and qualities.

Gece Kitaplığı publishes books free of charge from the authors. Our publishing house is attached closely to our identity and principles, cares greatly for hard work, science and one’s product.


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