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We are publishing the books of certain authors free of charge when they guarantee us the sales of 400 copies. Our publishing house provides typesetting, graphic design, layout, cover, editor revising and distribution services.

The author guarantees that 400 copies out of the published 500 will be sold through the website within the first month after publishing. In case the 400 copies are not sold within the first month, the author would pay the publishing house 5,000.00 TL for the editorial service, inner design, cover design, printing and administration costs; this payment is nonrefundable.

You can check the sales report of the book daily on Kitap Yurdu Website.

The printing, distribution, ISBN registration, banderol, tax, sales on Kitap Yurdu Online Sale Website are provided by our publishing house.



Our publishing house prints 500 copies for the first edition. 7% copyright is payed following the sales of the second edition.

After getting the author’s approval on each step of the publishing period, the project is handed in in 1 month.

After the approval on publishing by the author, the book is published and distributed to the market in 1 month. (This covers all of the packs)


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