Editing Services

Editing Services

Book editing for publishing covers revising the work of the author before printing, and also detecting and correcting overlooked spelling related, grammatical, structural and logical errors.

The problematic parts of the text are not proofs of the negligence or inability of the writer. The writer has thought on and considered a sentence many times before writing it down, whereas editors are reading this very same sentence for the first time.

The meaning of the sentence is already shaped for the writer and when they read it again and again; they don’t think of the details but the meaning it holds for them.

This is the main reason for the errors in details and publishing the work while still having these errors hurts the reputation of not only the writer but of the publishing house too.

  • What do our editors analyze?
  • Is your book correct on spelling and grammar?
  • Is the title impressive enough?
  • Does your work appeal to your readers?
  • Does it keep distance between you and your readers?
  • Are the pattern and the construct well-ordered?
  • Are your thoughts and wording clear enough?
  • Is your book fast-moving and does it hold on to its totality?
  • Does the cover reflect the spirit of your book?

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