Academic Pack

Under this pack, we collect various thesis and works from academicians into books.

The publishing house publishes 500 copies for the first edition, gives 25 copies to the author from the first edition. 7% copyright is given following the sales of the first edition. It is sufficient for the writer to send their work in Microsoft Word format.

There will be extra costs because our publishing house works with different institutions for services like typesetting, graphic design, layout, cover, editing and advertising.

After finishing the typewriting and installation, cover design is submitted to the author’s approval. After the approval, comes the printing period. Editing service is provided by academicians from different universities’ literature departments and professional editors. Advertising of your work is done through a professional advertisement company’s platform, by social media net and mass e-mails.

Your books are sent to main distributors of the country (D&R, Emek, Kitap Yurdu, Idefix, Final, Alfa, İnsancıl etc.) and are put on the market in bookstores that are working with our publishing house. The cost of layout, graphic, editing, advertisement, ISBN, banderol and distribution services is 3000 TL for this pack.

After getting the author’s approval on each step of the publishing period, the project is handed in in 1 month.

After the approval on publishing by the author, the book is published and distributed to the market in 1 month. (This covers all of the packs)


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