Pre-Printing Period

Pre-Printing Period

















Due to our publishing house’s work principals, we need to examine your work first.

In this matter:

  • Our publishing house does not restrict on the genre of the book.
  • You are supposed to send “all” of your complete work in Microsoft Word format.
  • You are supposed to send your work in a font size of 11, line gap of 1.15 and in accordance with spelling rules at a “minimum”. Do not use various fonts. Do not type in capital letters.


Font options: Minion Pro, Palatino Linotype, Adobe Garamond Pro

Font options for academic work: Minion pro


Suggested values for the blanks on file workspace or placing the text on the page in your work:

-Above: 2 cm    -Below: 2 cm    -Inner Blank/Surface: 2.5 cm    -Outer Blank/Surface: 2 cm

  • There should not be any icons, smiley faces, figures etc. in line gaps of your work.
  • Your work should be collected in one Microsoft Word file, not in separate ones.
  • Do not send your work in “Word Online”, “Wattpad”, “Drive” formats and do not send a website link if your work is published on the internet.
  • Do not ship hand-writings.
  • Make sure you give a name to your file (your work). Do not send unlabeled work.
  • Do not use colored fonts in your texts or poetry.
  • You can also send your work to via e-mail services.

If publishing of your work is decided on, a detailed informing on publishing process will be delivered to you by a “Publishing Process Letter” within one week.

Best regards.


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